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We have decided to bring this website on line as a "work in progress" not a faultless, finished product. It is a collective effort and we appreciate any and all help with locating people, documenting the stories of the barn (it is called "oral history"), obtaining photos, letters, etc. The purpose of this site is to honor Mr. Mac and the legacy which connects so many of us in a unique way. We appreciate your input and look forward to your feedback.
One of the most beloved and respected figures in Douglas County history. He served his county with integrity as "the sheriff without a gun" for twenty years (1932-1952). Additionally, he had to have a side job to support his family. He chose those areas in which he had been brought up in by his own father -- mule dealing and farming. He gave many young people a horse to ride and a sense of purpose and honesty in their lives. At "the barn," one could find an honest horsetrader, gifted storyteller, and a real man of integrity in "Mr. Mac." (Douglas County Sentinel)
"Mr. Mac" C. Abercrombie, Sr. (1904-1994)